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Respected, Established

Decades of experience working on behalf of clients in Kansas. Our offices are right across the street from the Kansas Capital, we are licensed and registered and we are well-known.

You need representation that has the respect of both sides of the aisles, and we have that.


Capitol Connection provides a variety of services including, but not limited to: lobbying; strategic plan development to assist in the passage of favorable legislation; assistance in preparing and presenting testimony; representation in and monitoring of legislative committees; interaction with State Agencies; legislative and regulatory research; attendance and participation in forums of interest to the client.

Capitol Connection provides government relations services on a year-round basis. Our work does not end when the legislature adjourns, and in some respects, it just begins. We visit with legislators in their home districts. This unique practice has proven vital to our lobbying efforts by strengthening our relationships while educating legislators on issues important to our clients.


Develop legislative proposals aimed at addressing the concerns of your organization.

Work with the Legislature and committees to ensure your legislation is assigned to appropriate policy committees.

Build consensus for your legislative proposals, working with executive branches, Legislators and state agencies as well as public and private groups.

Lobby Legislators, especially those who will hear your issues in committees and matters concerning your proposals, and points-of-view

Shepherd your legislation through both houses of the Legislature and work to secure signature by the Governor.

Work to defeat or amend legislation sponsored by others which is contrary to your interests.

Host events which bring together your organization's members or staff, and allows them to speak directly to legislators, officials, and community members.

Advocate your intentions on behalf of your organization to state agencies regarding drafting of regulations, ensuring appropriate implementation of your legislation.

Organize media and manage P.R. Campaigns.

Coordinate state conferences or other events.

Put together symposiums, speaking engagement or seminars that help those within, and outside, your organization better understand your goals and how to accomplish them.

212 SW 8th Avenue

Suite 202

Topeka, KS 66603


F: 785.233.5659



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